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House of Targeryen

Game of Thrones Season 6 Teasers

I was beckoned by Jeremy Cox to pitch in on this project. Fire! Electric snow storms! What’s not to like? I came up with the look and style, while Henry helped execute it with his wizardry and genius.


Creative Director / Jeremy Cox
Producer / Will Arnold
Designers / Jeremy Cox, Lindsey Mayer-beug, Henry Chang
Additional Designs / Max Strizich, Theo Daley
2D Animators / Yeon Jin Kim, Bhakti Patel
3D Animators / Joe Pistono, Jeremy Cox, Chris Russo
Compositors / Jeremy Cox, Manu Gaulot, Joe Pistono, Jeen Lee
Matte Painters / Tim Matney, Erika Lee
Sound Design / Butter Music & Sound
Sound Mix / Mr. Bronx
Executive Producer / Jon Hassell

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