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God of War

What drives a warrior to relentless brutality? Deceived into murdering his beloved wife and child by Ares, the brutal warrior Kratos of Sony’s “God of War” video game series has endlessly sought to avenge the unthinkable deed he was tricked into committing.

Director Karin Fong peers past the gruesome ferocity to uncover the genuine humanity and emotion brought on by this pivotal moment in the affecting 2:00 live action trailer “From Ashes” for the launch of Sony’s “God of War: Ascension” title, produced direct-to-client. A :60 version of the trailer will also air during the CBS.com live webcast of Super Bowl XLVII.

-Imaginary Forces
My contribution on this piece was during pre-production. My task was to communicate the mood, lighting and texture of Kratos in his environment. I particularly had to focus on his "ashen state." We chose a scene to illustrate in a single frame, that would best exemplify these traits in the most concise way.

Client / Sony Computer Entertainment America
Director / Karin Fong

Created at Imaginary Forces.

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