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HBO Spring Promo

I worked with Lauren to create a look we liked, and after that I created with watercolor the transitions included in the promo. When the paintings were complete, we worked with animators to create a seamless effect by using CG and practical methods.

Imaginary Forces says: "We teamed with HBO to create an epic and emotional trailer that would integrate all of their shows,
highlight their hero characters and build anticipation for the new season of Game of Thrones. Hand-painted illustrations are used as transitional devices to get in and out of the footage and to set the overall tone."


Director / Lauren Hartstone
Executive Producer / Gabriel Marquez
Producer / Jon Hassell
Coordinator / Katrina Lofaro
Design and Illustrator / Lindsey Mayer-Beug
Lead Animator / Wes Richardson
Animators / Cory Stoffa, Sohee Sohn, Joe Lawrence

Created at Imaginary Forces.

Original paintings used in the animations.

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