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NFL + Mitú Presents

An Underdog Story: Rolando Cantú

The wonderful people at Mitú commissioned me to make an animation that celebrates the first Mexican (that wasn’t a Kicker) to play in the NFL, Rolando Cantú.
Together we came up with a narrative using the audio from an interview with Cantú at ESPN. From that, I created a story and script that I then turned into this fun and crude animation.

Despite being created for a niche audience, it is fun for all and I promise it will make you giggle (we could all use a few these days). That alone is worth a look. A low brow, touching tale of perseverance and triumph! Check it out!


Director / Lindsey Mayer-Beug
Animation / Lindsey Mayer-Beug
Agency / Mitú
Creative Director at Mitú / Kristen Zaik Vasquez
Producer / Jesse Lerhoff
Sound Design / Sasha Michkovsky
Editor / Daniel Brown

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