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This Means War

Main Title Sequence

"Chris Pine. Tom Hardy. Two international spies, elite high-flying agents with the playboy lifestyles to match. How could we resist giving them their own Bond-inspired open to let you know just the kind of men-about-town that we're dealing with? Before they both fall for Reese Witherspoon, that is, and spy vs. spy hijinks ensue.

Studio brass didn't let us get away with putting this up front, but here's the sequence, for your eyes only.
This message will self-destruct."

- Imaginary Forces

I was asked to come up with a design and concept. The idea was inspired by Robert Brownjohn's title sequence design in From Russia with Love. Instead of projecting words, maps and sound waves from commonly used devices in the film by the main agents are projected on to women.


Director / Karin Fong
Producers / Kacie Barton, Jon Hassell, Brian Butcher
Executive Producer: Ben Apley
Designers / Lindsey Mayer-Beug, Eric Dies
Animator / Jeremy Cox
Editors / Nate Buchik, Danielle White
Assistant Editors / Michael Radtke, Zach Kilroy
Compositor / Jeremy Cox
Design PAs / Nick Perez-Gurri, Max Strizich, Nathan Boyd, Wes Yang
Inferno Artist / Eric Mason
Coordinators / Annie Chen, Katrina Lofaro

Created at Imaginary Forces.

 ©16th Street Pictures, Inc. All Rights Reserved.