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Words of Love

The Beatles “Words of Love” Music Video

This rendition of Buddy Holly's "Words of Love" by The Beatles was taken from a BBC studio session recorded in 1963. This song and numerous other recordings by The Beatles during these sessions from 1963 were released in honor of their 50th anniversary of the tour that turned them into the band that changed rock music history. Here is an excerpt of the video we created.

The commissioners from Apple Records, Jonathan Clyde and Guy Hayden were keen on using old footage of The Beatles captured at this crucial time during their career. We took this idea and
Creative director Pete Candeland, director Lee Gringold and Giles Dill, and myself worked together to create the main concept of the piece. The spirit of The Beatles’ playfulness inspired us to have fantastical characters and drawing be incorporated into and enhance the footage.

Most everything created for this piece was hand drawn, which complemented the already less-than-great quality of the resourced footage that was provided.

View the full credit list here.

Included below is a combination of sampled artwork that was both included in the music video and some that we didn't end up using in the production, but still like.


Oringial artwork created and used in the music video.

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